100 million COVID Infected Americans are the “Moses” that Will Deliver Us Beyond the Pandemic

Summary The toll of this pandemic has been horrific throughout the world. Remarkable sacrifices have been made that have limited its impact Moving forward we need to understand how many people have been infected If estimates are correct, we have significant immunity to COVID-19 Immunity will allow us to move forward from this pandemic SinceContinue reading “100 million COVID Infected Americans are the “Moses” that Will Deliver Us Beyond the Pandemic”

Biscuit is Back with this Week’s Worst Coronavirus Ideas.

It’s Saturday so Biscuit is back with his worst coronavirus ideas of the week. See if you agree. 1) Mega church services with everyone in attendance. Not only are the parishioners at risk, but several of the pastors have died from coronavirus. God helps those who help themselves! We will miss Easter, but will beContinue reading “Biscuit is Back with this Week’s Worst Coronavirus Ideas.”

The coronavirus is not a hoax, but a lot of people seem to think it is….

I often think that television “news” is based on the premise that you can always find defeat in any victory. Much like the Weather Channel now names winter storms, the more fear you can whip up the better the ratings. There is certainly enough trauma from COVID-19 without making it worse for people. The goodContinue reading “The coronavirus is not a hoax, but a lot of people seem to think it is….”

Dr. Fauci is wrong this time!

Dr. Tony Fauci is a national hero and was a wonderful mentor to me during my training. There is no one I respect more; however, I have to disagree with his recent statement suggesting that the world will be forever changed and “never get back to normal” after the COVID-19 pandemic. Pandemics of highly contagiousContinue reading “Dr. Fauci is wrong this time!”

Why Do Young Healthy People Die-Continued.

There several articles out today on the evolving finding that coronavirus infection appears to result in a binary outcome in otherwise healthy young people; you are either well with minimal symptoms or (in a minority) you get life-threatening disease. I’ve written about this topic before, but articles from Science Magazine and on CNN reinforce thisContinue reading “Why Do Young Healthy People Die-Continued.”

Will you need a blood test to go back to work?

There was a front-page article in the New York Times today how Italy may be using antibody testing to verify people who can go back to work. The article told how Italy is following Germany in using a blood test that identifies antibodies (immune proteins) specific for COVID-19 as a way to clear individuals toContinue reading “Will you need a blood test to go back to work?”

Biscuit’s Eight Worst Coronavirus Ideas of the Week!

This week my dog Biscuit and I saw a number of questionable ideas that have gained attention in the press and social media. He says it is time to call out the eight worst ideas about the coronavirus this week. 1. Using Navy hospital ships for coronavirus support. The US Comfort has been barely utilizedContinue reading “Biscuit’s Eight Worst Coronavirus Ideas of the Week!”

A single breath can transmit COVID-19

Simple breathing can spread COVID-19 from individuals who appear well. The easy transmission of this virus changes how we will try to limit the pandemic. Reports are emerging that even regular breathing can transmit COVID-19. The virus appears to be in expired air from people who are just breathing normally. This is very different fromContinue reading “A single breath can transmit COVID-19”