COVID hospitalization rates continue to fall despite reductions in social distancing.

Today, there were several stories addressing Secretary Azar’s comments that many states with higher levels of COVID infection are now seeing fewer new cases. He was quoted remarking that in states reducing social restrictions increases in COVID cases aren’t being seen. The reasons behind this may be complex but important to verify. Since reduced socialContinue reading “COVID hospitalization rates continue to fall despite reductions in social distancing.”

The proposed US COVID testing program is inherently flawed.

A commonly heard refrain has been the call for COVID testing as a preamble to reducing social distancing. The concept underlying this is that people will be screened to identify infected individuals, and then they and their contacts will be identified and isolated. This will control transmission and reduce the number of infections. While thisContinue reading “The proposed US COVID testing program is inherently flawed.”

A single breath can transmit COVID-19

Simple breathing can spread COVID-19 from individuals who appear well. The easy transmission of this virus changes how we will try to limit the pandemic. Reports are emerging that even regular breathing can transmit COVID-19. The virus appears to be in expired air from people who are just breathing normally. This is very different fromContinue reading “A single breath can transmit COVID-19”