Questions and Concerns About COVID-19

Some bright lights in the dark, Omicron winter.

As hospitals continue to be overwhelmed with adult patients sick and dying from COVID-19, we are finally seeing several pieces of information that suggest the U.S. is moving forward from this current wave. In addition, the CDC is finally providing data directly evaluating the clinical illness with Omicron in the U.S. population, and it provides insights intoContinue reading “Some bright lights in the dark, Omicron winter.”

Have we reached the peak of Omicron? Not yet but soon.

The Omicron surge is in full thrust across the country. Approximately 20% of hospitals are reportedly having so many infections that they are causing limitations in care for other illnesses. In a few hospitals that have become overwhelmed the federal government is sending troops to support beleaguered staff. The real question is have we approachedContinue reading “Have we reached the peak of Omicron? Not yet but soon.”

Update on Omicron wave in South Africa, potentially good implications for the U.S.

The Omicron wave in South Africa is now winding down, and a true picture of the impact of this variant disease can be assessed. Overall, in South Africa cases peaked at about 117% higher than the Delta peak, but hospitalizations were only 63% of the Delta peak. Encouragingly, deaths peaked at only 20% of theContinue reading “Update on Omicron wave in South Africa, potentially good implications for the U.S.”

Flashpoint tomorrow January 9th at 10:00 AM

To loyal readers of Tomorrow I will be appearing on Flashpoint with Devin Scillian on WDIV (channel 4) in Detroit. For those who miss the show or are outside the area, the interview will also be on their website after the broadcast.

The pandemic is bad enough. Please stop exaggerating its impact on children!

Again tonight both NBC and ABC news reported “record numbers” of childhood COVID hospitalizations. Urgent messages about this problem were presented from physicians at leading children hospitals across the country. I was concerned as I was two days ago when I first saw similar reports. However, when I looked at today’s actual numbers the dataContinue reading “The pandemic is bad enough. Please stop exaggerating its impact on children!”

Unfounded concerns about Omicron hospitalizations in children?

Last night NBC’s network news reported “record numbers” of children in hospitals with COVID-19 since Omicron came to the United States. Physicians from Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, Texas Children’s Hospital, and University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland all alluded to sharp increases in children with serious COVID-19 infections. In contrast, Dr.Continue reading “Unfounded concerns about Omicron hospitalizations in children?”

Welcome to 2022 — the year the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Those of you who have been reading this blog faithfully and those who know me personally understand that I’m not someone who makes predictions lightly. In part it is because I have an aversion to being incorrect! Despite this, I am predicting that 2022 is the year that the COVID-19 pandemic burns out. That doesn’tContinue reading “Welcome to 2022 — the year the COVID-19 pandemic ends.”

The new shortened quarantine rules: what you need to understand to be safe.

The CDC has shortened guidelines for isolation after CVOID-19 infection, moving to five days of quarantine followed by five days of mask wearing. The agency indicated, “The change is motivated by science demonstrating that the majority of SARS-CoV-2 transmission occurs early in the course of illness, generally in the 1-2 days prior to onset ofContinue reading “The new shortened quarantine rules: what you need to understand to be safe.”


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