Where do we go now that the pandemic is over?

Many of you who have been following www.Pandemicpondering.com will note that I have taken about a month off to get some perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic and work on other projects. The good news is that the pandemic is over with the United States government ending their “COVID National Emergency” tomorrow, May 11th, and the WHO already ending their Global Health Emergency. More importantly, deaths associated with COVID in the U.S. this year have fallen dramatically, even below last year’s low levels.

The real question for me is what role does the Pandemicpondering.com play and what value are my communications moving forward? I started this blog simply to provide factual data in the swarm of information surrounding the epidemic. I never attempted to gain anything financially from the blog despite being approached on several occasions. The entire point was simply to help people trying to navigate their own and their family’s way forward during the pandemic.

Therefore, is there any reason for me to continue to blog? There are certainly many issues around COVID 19 and public health that remain unanswered. Importantly, the role of new vaccines in infection prevention, especially in the over 65 age group (which I identify with!), and ongoing public health debates around monitoring infectious diseases have become much more contentious topics than I could ever have imagined. All these issues deserve some type of rational voice in the current noisy environment of social media-driven medical misinformation.

It seems to me that in the current, confusing world it would be important to clarify a topic of importance every few weeks in a way that better informs personal medical decision making. I also might do some commentary every once and a while to brighten your day.

Therefore, I have decided to continue to blog on health and vaccine issues, albeit less frequently, to make sure I am only discussing the most important concerns of readers. I imagine these posts will be approximately once every couple of weeks. Please feel free to send me questions that would be helpful to answer in these commentaries.

I very much want express my thanks for the positive feedback I received for the blog. I hope to provide valuable information for all of you moving forward.

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Immunologist, former Army MD, former head of allergy and clinical immunology at University of Michigan, vaccine developer and opinionated guy.

19 thoughts on “Where do we go now that the pandemic is over?

  1. Jim,

    Will continue to look for your good insights and better perspectives going forward: much appreciated!





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  2. Greatly appreciate your guidance these past few years. I look forward to your comments as new vaccines are available. You have been a significant source of valuable information and perspective.


  3. Thanks for continuing to post as you see need. You have been a stable and rational voice amid so much political side-taking.


    1. I’d like to add my own note that it’s not only that we have to be concerned with people over 65 as the doctor notes, but those who are immunocompromised because those people — which include me — are still at high risk, and for us, the pandemic is not over. 


  4. Dr. Baker, I am delighted you are continuing this blog to give sane information on health issues. You have been a voice of reason with accurate information during the chaos of the pandemic. At 84 yrs old and susceptible to congestive issues, I have depended on Pandemic Pondering for knowledge and guidance, and have shared the link with many. Bonnie Pauli, a longtime client and friend, told me of you early on, and the post has been a great source of facts and comfort ever since. Thank you for the time and effort you have contributed!!

    Jane Hughes

    JANE HUGHES, ASID, LLC 25972 Power Rd Farmington Hills MI 48336 734-662-9458 janehughesdesigns@gmail.com janehughesdesigns@gmail.com



  5. I have appreciated your science and factual based commentary from early in your posts. I had a friend in my retirement community who knew about you and recommended your posts. They have helped me and my husband make better decisions on the activities we chose and protections we took.


  6. Thank you so much for this blog. It was very informative during the pandemic and helped me sift through the “noise”. Very happy to hear you will continue blogging!


  7. Hi Jim, I relied on your blog during the pandemic for clarity without politics. I am pleased you are continuing the blog as there will be continuing new data available.


  8. Thank you so much for your rational voice during this time. As another of the (over 65 and 75) group, I needed to hear sane analysis of what was going on. I would very much like for your continued, albeit less often, “ponderings”. And if you could comment sooner rather than later about getting another vaccine now which is being hyped by Walgreens among others, I would appreciate it. Denise Larsen


  9. Thanks for your guidance through this pandemic. Your advice and insights were always on target and very helpful. Going forward providing to those interested advice on further Covid vaccinations would be helpful, taking into consideration verified infection(s) as well as prior vaccines.


  10. Hi Dr Jim Baker
    Enjoyed your insightful blogs and made me understand perspectives that I did not consider for a balanced rational thought process for living through the pandemic
    Please continue with the blogs on current infectious disease burden as it will help bring better solutions
    Thanks for the earlier blogs


  11. I found your blog through other Williams alums, and it’s been so helpful. I appreciate the clarity and the humanity you’ve brought during this scary time. Thank you! And of course, go Ephs!


  12. Thank you for your service and continue service. I had checked your blog weekly for fact finding info. I don’t remember how I stumbled across it. I did and read it faithfully like a church bulletin. Thank you for continuing the blog


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