Omicron — the tale of two surges.

The explosive surge of COVID-19 infections caused by the Omicron variant is quickly waning across the United States. New infections have dropped dramatically in all parts of the country including areas that only recently were confronted with variant. Despite this, hospitals still house large numbers of ill individuals. While a smaller percentage of COVID patientsContinue reading “Omicron — the tale of two surges.”

Despite the decrease in numbers, people are still getting COVID-19.

Just a brief note tonight. I spent some time today trying to help with health care for two friends who became infected with COVID-19 this past week. Both have been remarkably compulsive about trying to avoid infection but despite their caution became infected. They can’t even identify the source of their infection.  One developed increasedContinue reading “Despite the decrease in numbers, people are still getting COVID-19.”

The Pandemic Will End: Part One.

The question of how the coronavirus pandemic ends and when people can return to normal activity is a complex one. It has been oversimplified in the public discourse with some suggesting we uniformly stop protective measures after a certain period of time while others argued we must permanently change lifestyles throughout in the world. IContinue reading “The Pandemic Will End: Part One.”

Focus Everyone: These are the most important weeks of the pandemic!

I have a short but important blog today. Over the next few weeks the first wave of the pandemic will crest in most of the US. What makes this time so important is that this first surge of the virus cuts through the population most aggressively. There is no immunity among us and the spread can beContinue reading “Focus Everyone: These are the most important weeks of the pandemic!”