I am having a meltdown about today’s Senate hearing.

I tried to write a rational assessment of today’s hearing, but that effort seemed much too polite given the actual proceedings.  What seems clear now is that the government does not know what to do next about COVID. It is whipsawed between being accused of being too restrictive and destroying the economy, or too aggressively reducingContinue reading “I am having a meltdown about today’s Senate hearing.”

Confirmed: Government Trial Shows Efficacy for Remdesivir in COVID Infection!

A placebo-controlled, government run trial of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 infection reportedly met its “primary efficacy endpoint” according to Gilead Sciences. Having shown efficacy in this large, controlled trial could help to resolve the questions raised in prior testing of the drug. NIH has now issued a statement about the trial outcome. In it theyContinue reading “Confirmed: Government Trial Shows Efficacy for Remdesivir in COVID Infection!”

Biscuit returns, albeit a bit hoarse…

Biscuit and Nindy return to talk about their dumbest COVID-19 ideas of the week. Nindy had to do most of the talking though since Biscuit tried to drink the Lysol. Poor dog just believes everything he hears on TV…. 1) Underestimating COVID-19 infection rates. Infection rates have been remarkably underestimated, which gives people a false senseContinue reading “Biscuit returns, albeit a bit hoarse…”

Biscuit is Back with this Week’s Worst Coronavirus Ideas.

It’s Saturday so Biscuit is back with his worst coronavirus ideas of the week. See if you agree. 1) Mega church services with everyone in attendance. Not only are the parishioners at risk, but several of the pastors have died from coronavirus. God helps those who help themselves! We will miss Easter, but will beContinue reading “Biscuit is Back with this Week’s Worst Coronavirus Ideas.”