Biscuit is Back with this Week’s Worst Coronavirus Ideas.

I’m back!

It’s Saturday so Biscuit is back with his worst coronavirus ideas of the week. See if you agree.

1) Mega church services with everyone in attendance. Not only are the parishioners at risk, but several of the pastors have died from coronavirus. God helps those who help themselves! We will miss Easter, but will be around for Christmas.

2) Not reporting coronavirus illness and death by race and sex. Not having the CDC coronavirus data broken down by race and sex has prevented focusing on important issues like excess African American mortality.

3) Inconsistent rules about sheltering in place. Social distancing rules are remarkably variable. For example, in Michigan I can’t drive to a second home I own elsewhere in the state, but I can get on a plane and fly to Arizona to a home there. I can buy dry wall but not paint or gardening supplies. What gives?

CDC Director Redfield

3) Having the CDC director focusing on opening up the economy. In several different interviews. Dr. Robert Redfield has focused on the need to open up the economy. While I agree that the economy needs to restart, that’s not the job of the CDC director. He should focus his commentary on health issues, where guidance from the CDC has been sparse!

4) The daily national coronavirus briefings. These presentations have far outlived their usefulness and have devolved into a mix of revival meeting, redundant medical discourse, and painful question-and-answer sessions. Some have suggested breaking this into several meetings. Biscuit prefers it just goes away.  

Surgeon General Adams.

5) Having the Surgeon General Jerome Adams calling this pandemic our “Pearl Harbor.” War comparisons are not really useful, but should at least refer to victories, not to our worst defeat!

6) Having people wait in lines to get into stores. People tell me they show up early to avoid contact with others. Then they congregate and rush in to the store when it first opens. Also, some new social distancing rules limit the number of people in a store, so lines form outside. Massing outside a store is much worse that actively social distancing inside.

No one wants to play with Bryson anyway; too slow!

7) Finally, a personal complaint! I cannot understand not including golf as a recreational activity under shelter in place. While Biscuit doesn’t care, this is especially bothersome to me, since everything else from kayaking to bicycling is allowed under current rules. Why can I walk on a golf course, but can’t play on it? Even if individuals have to play one at a time, it would be valuable exercise (yes, I am going a bit stir crazy).

Until next week, Biscuit wishes you all well! 

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Immunologist, former Army MD, former head of allergy and clinical immunology at University of Michigan, vaccine developer and opinionated guy.

11 thoughts on “Biscuit is Back with this Week’s Worst Coronavirus Ideas.

  1. The golfing prohibition seems to be particularly annoying. Here’s my theory:. 1. People won’t go out 1 to a cart. 2. People will congregate on the greens, out of force of habit. 3. People will grab pins and pull balls out of the cup with bare hands. They’ll do this for the same reason we touch our faces and forget to turn the tap off with our elbows. Habit.

    I do love this blog for common sense.


  2. Thanks to Biscuit for giving us the list of worst ideas of the week. I miss him not including the voting while masked in Wisconsin, and, even more than that, whatever Biscuit thinks about this, I always resent all the excuses for not testing liberally for Covid-19. That’s the only way to capture the data. I heard today that it was discovered in South Korea that there may be reactivation of the virus after a “recovered” patient ‘s test is negative. Your thoughts (or, alternately, Biscuit’s?)


  3. Knowledgeable appropriate medical leaders should be in a decision making position at state and local levels. They seem to be largely ignored or distorted at the federal.


  4. Oh my. My hubby can relate to your golfing comment! In Ohio there are some courses open. They pulled the flags and raised the cups. When you putt if your ball hits the cup “it’s in” One person on the green. One person to a cart or walk 6 feet apart. Still have to go inside to pay unless private course. And restrooms are closed.

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  5. Dear Dr. Baker, Our household loves Biscuit’s wisdom! Thank you for sharing it with us. I was asking my son the same thing about playing golf the other day. I don’t golf, but he does! I greatly appreciated the Surgeon General pulling out his rescue inhaler to encourage our young asthmatics that they too can aspire to grow up to be a Surgeon General! Thank you again for always putting this pandemic into perspective.

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