Allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines

Even though I’m a vaccine developer, a nano-particle investigator, and an allergist, I have not yet commented on the reports of allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines. While there are very few of these reactions, they have gained significant attention. When I saw a report on the front page of the Wall Street Journal webContinue reading “Allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines”

Science Magazine’s take on the “London” virus.

Another good review of the “new” coronavirus in Science Magazine. People should remember that if there were a concern about a change in vaccine efficacy due to a new virus variant, the RNA vaccines could have a second RNA included to cover that variant in short order. You can simply synthesize another RNA corresponding toContinue reading “Science Magazine’s take on the “London” virus.”

Who gets the vaccine first!

The hang over from yesterday’s party over Moderna’s COVID vaccine results roiled pundits and the market. Obviously, the minimal amount of data released yesterday doesn’t allow anyone to make a definitive conclusion about whether the vaccine will work. I mentioned all these concerns in my post on the vaccine news yesterday, so today I don’tContinue reading “Who gets the vaccine first!”

The beginning of the end of the pandemic?

Today’s big news was Moderna’s press release of the results from the Phase I clinical trial of its Coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine, comprised of RNA coding for the spike protein of COVID, induces the cells in the recipient to produce portions of the coronavirus protein, which then induce an immune response. The vaccine showed noContinue reading “The beginning of the end of the pandemic?”