Biscuit is Faster Than Ever!

My internet is so fast it gives me more time to sleep…

We suffered one of the risks of working from home this week as our wireless router literally melted down (true story). After some negotiations and a triangulation between Best Buy and Comcast, we were up running again at much faster speed. Biscuit took advantage of this to stream his favorite show Schitts Creek (he loves the veterinarian). He also was very fast when in came to submitting the dumb ideas he saw as he surfed the channels.

1) The hospital ship Comfort leaves New York Harbor. After caring for only 182 non-COVID patients the Comfort hospital ship left New York harbor. This entire deployment cost $7.5 million. Given that cost, every patient’s could have been cared for in a suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York for less.

2) COVID lawsuits. Lawsuits are springing up across the country with 250 surrounding COVID in New York City alone. In one, the nurses union is suing hospitals and the public health department over working conditions. This doesn’t seem like the best way to resolve these concerns.

Not me but a much better looking doctor

3) Doctor’s intuition. Physicians first impressions on treatment of COVID were that hydroxychloroquine was a great drug and remdesivir didn’t work. NOT.

I guess that’s why we need blinded clinical trials with a control group to really determine whether a drug is effective.

4) A day at the beach! Come on Californians. You could at least try to appear to be social distancing!

Crowds at Newport Beach last weekend.

5) Doctors pontificating on the value of COVID immunity. Many of these folks don’t have any background in understanding viral immunity. They tend to quote poorly controlled studies out of China, and the relevance of these findings for the US certainly aren’t clear. By the way, no immunologist ever wears scrubs, so that should be a dead give away not to listen!

6) COVID Illness modeling. Despite the aid of supercomputers, the COVID modeling we’ve seen has been all over the map. It has inaccurately predicted everything from viral spread to patient deaths. The most recent one suggests the pandemic will go on for 2 years (well, it actually it doesn’t say that but that is what was reported). This has undermined public confidence in the entire approach to managing this disease. All modeling is based on assumptions, and as they told me in the Army “when you make assumptions, you make an a** out of you and me.”

7) Large companies taking bailout money intended for small businesses and then giving it back. This continues to be an insane scenario. This week we saw the Los Angeles Lakers take a bailout and then decide to give it back due to a backlash. As I suggested last week maybe we should just not allow these companies to obtain the fund. We can help them from themselves!

8) The saddest idea this week is to keeping non-COVID patients from getting medical care. Many patients have had their medical care delayed to free up medical facilities for COVID. That need is long gone, at least here, but the governor has refused to allow non-emergent care for 2 more weeks. Even then, non “high risk” patients won’t be allowed in person visits.

My personal concern is the 4,000 patients in our practice unable to get allergy shots for 8 weeks in the middle of allergy season. They won’t die, but they are going to be incredibly uncomfortable. If doctors can’t figure out how do social distancing, who can.

A personal request! Anyone know a good online barber school. It’s been about 2 1/2 months since my last haircut….

If only my hair was as easy to manage as Ninde’s…

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Immunologist, former Army MD, former head of allergy and clinical immunology at University of Michigan, vaccine developer and opinionated guy.

10 thoughts on “Biscuit is Faster Than Ever!

  1. Any comments on the NYC antibody tests from May 1? The number hasn’t been increasing rapidly as you had suggested. Actually, it appears to be falling (13% or so), though possibly still within the margin of error from past tests.


    1. I think they have changes the testing technique to one that only picks up IgG, which may account for the drop. Also, I think they need to screen larger numbers to get accurate prevalence information. Thanks for the question!


  2. Thanks for your informative work on this Dr Baker. Loved the Schitt’s Creek reference. Where to stream the latest season? And please let me know on the online barber school… in need of the same.

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  3. Well said comments. My father set up over two dozen clinical trials, while working at Warner Lambert Parke Davis and University of Michigan, and each one was a necessary step in developing a new medication for FDA approval.It was a major step up from the old FDA process based on anecdotal reports.
    Oh hint for barber school, buy a couple men’s wigs to practice on first. Start with trimming 1/4 inch – 1/2 inch amounts. Leave the Wahl trimmer for edge work, not the central part. Avoid using bowls as a template. Finally, you are not being inducted into the Marines, trim accordingly.


  4. A doggone good blog. Best read on this Saturday eve. Just keep up the good work and make sure Bill Martin does pay.


  5. I am not a medical person (my sister-in-law is) but I find this blog very interesting. My question is, can a person share any of these on FB?


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