An Update from last night.

The lead story on NBC was again the “rare” auto-inflammatory syndrome. NY State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker reiterated an alert to medical providers regarding the “potential association” between “multi-system inflammatory syndrome” — or Kawasaki disease — and COVID-19. 

Dr. Howard Zucker

The major change from yesterday is that according to Dr. Zucker, “there are now sixty-four (64) suspected pediatric clinical cases compatible with multi-system inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19 have been reported in children in New York State hospitals, including New York City.” 

Again, the health commissioner stated a majority of patients with the inflammatory syndrome have tested positive for COVID-19 or COVID-fighting antibodies. The reports reiterated the “rare” nature of this and that there still is no absolute association of these reports with COVID-19.

Given the timing of these reports, when COVID infections themselves are declining and other seasonal infections are present, I wonder if this is actually the result of another virus, or co-infection with a more common virus and COVID. Even this makes little sense since the shelter in place orders should have dropped all contagious viral infections.

I would certainly keep an open mind about this whole concept, but argue for caution before simply saying this was a COVID side effect. 

By the way, Dr. Zucker is a uniquely accomplished physician. He earned his M.D. from George Washington University School of Medicine at age 22 and is reported by the NY State website to be board-certified in six specialties/subspecialties.

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