Biscuit and Nindy get good news! We get the worst COVID ideas of the week

While most of us were frustrated this week by bizarre federal hearings and the seeming lack of progress in managing the pandemic, Biscuit was ecstatic! First, both Biscuit and Nindy started shedding with the warm weather, so they don’t need haircuts like everyone else in the house. Then both were happy to hear that not only could cats get COVID, but they could actually transmit it to each other! Truly great news for them!

Cats get COVID!

They did take enough time from their celebrating to communicate their worst COVID ideas of the week.

1) Infighting among federal officials. Topped off by Rick Bright’s disappointing testimony, it is clear that there is less insightful discussion than infighting taking place at BARDA. Also, proclaiming the program that you ran for four years as a “failure that will produce the darkest winter in modern history” doesn’t help your case!

Moncef Slaoui

2) Friends in high places. According to Rick Bright, the administration has its favorites, but it is interesting that Bright’s former company Novavax just received $400 million for COVID vaccine development. Moncef Slaoui, who was recently named as head of the government’s vaccine initiative, is on the board of Moderna, another vaccine company that just got $500 million.

Call in the decorator…

3) Bad zoom backgrounds for federal testimony. Come on folks. Haven’t you figured out how to do the virtual background yet?

Maybe next time you could just hang up a sheet!

4) Wisconsin brat house celebrations. It isn’t enough that your state supreme court overturned “stay in place.” You have to go out and put 800 people in the bar to celebrate. Brats and beer are tasty, but not antiviral.

5) Breaking news every day, every story. Biscuit hates repeating himself, but since everything, every day on the NBC Nightly News is now labeled “breaking news” it seems worth mentioning again. I love Lester, but come on!

Gov. Pritzker of Illinois

6) Chicago.  What gives? It seems to be the one city not able to make any inroads into controlling the pandemic. Illinois also has a governor who has no clue about what’s going on in the state, except it is the “fault of the feds!”

7) Testing that does not work. Major companies producing COVID tests that appeared to be less than accurate could make things worse. If these tests came from overseas, there would be more of an outcry.

Star Trek “Warp Drive” Engaged!

8) The worst idea of the week is the “Warp Drive” vaccine initiative. Naming a vaccine initiative after an imaginary technology from Star Trek does not seem to engender confidence that it will generate a real vaccine. What’s next, the “phaser personal decontamination unit” or the “tricorder thermometer?”

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7 thoughts on “Biscuit and Nindy get good news! We get the worst COVID ideas of the week

  1. I disagree with Biscuit and Nindy about 3). To me, the best part of each testimony is viewing the background home scene of the required bookshelf and trying to see what books it contains.

    Furthermore, I don’t agree that one should rejoice when another species is vulnerable to a bad virus, either human beings or cats!

    Nevertheless, thanks for the blog, Biscuit and Nindy! Carry on…

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  2. I love you posts! Being that the meat packers factory have a lot of covid19
    Do you think the meat could be tainted. Unsafe.

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  3. See new Tweets

    Newman Nahas
    Homogenous intervention in the face of heterogenous risk is just cruelty passed off as equality.

    Just because no one’s risk is non-zero doesn’t mean everyone’s risk is the same.

    Heterogeneity denialism is as dangerous as it is unsound.

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  4. Thank you for posting this awesome article.
    I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment.
    I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Twitter.

    Thanks again for a great article!


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