More Info: Yahoo’s reported COVID outbreak in Wisconsin.

One of my readers found this data in a tweet from He was also concerned by reports about increases in cases in Wisconsin, but was able to find the percent positive rate of the state’s testing.

Percent of COVID-19 test that are positive in Wisconsin over the past six weeks.

As you can see, the rate of positive tests continues to decrease. This suggests that the increase in positive tests is the result of more tests being performed, not an increase in infections.

Another person followed hospitalizations and deaths during a similar time frame and found no spike.

Deaths in Wisconsin over the past three months.

Hospitalizations from COVID-19 in Wisconsin have also remained steady during this period.

While the numbers have to be monitored going forward to assure that there is not a resurgence, currently there is no evidence of a “second wave” in Wisconsin caused by the end of social distancing.

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2 thoughts on “More Info: Yahoo’s reported COVID outbreak in Wisconsin.

  1. With all due respect, duh, the highest number of “Deaths” as well as “Cases” did take place earlier this week in WI, even you accept. And then you basically wonder ‘so what?’ To which you conclude, it’s only an “increase of 13%.” WOW, is all one can say to that, only 13%, which is what, better than 1%? Many of us Badgers are completely convinced, instinctively, that there is no way on god’s earth that opening the taverns won’t, indeed haven’t already, begun to expand the virus outcomes in WI! If that behavior doesn’t ignite a ‘second wave,’ ‘spike,’ whatever you want to call it, what would? Moreover, Dr. Baker, you refute yourself, having earlier posted that numbers increase exponentially in enclosed spaces. Gad, just look at your blog accompanying photo. Would you do shots in an upnorth WI tavern now? With those morons? Where did you learn risk analysis? You may grasp medical science, but you leave out human behavior factors. Go back to school. Lay off Google news.


    1. Dear Joe. A couple of comments.

      First, regardless of whether or not I would go to these taverns I would not a priori label these people morons.

      In terms of their decision making, risk is always relative and the likelihood of an infected person being in a tavern “up north” is minimal vs. at a hotspot (Kenosha). Also, the individuals in the picture are not in a high risk group and will likely not even be symptomatic if infected. So their personal risk is minimal at best. Folks like me who are in high risk groups should not be there.

      Also, you must be confused by the graphs but those higher numbers of hospitalizations and deaths (not cases) were not earlier this week but weeks ago. The 13% is within the recent weekly noise and may simply be a result of lack of reporting before the holiday weekend.

      So while there may be future increases after the court ruling, they have not occurred yet and very well may not given the timing.

      Please also note I only post responses once and do not reply after that.

      Best wishes,


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