Biscuit is frozen with indecision….

Ugh. I can’t decide…

Biscuit continues in a funk this week as he learned that his vacation to Florida was cancelled. He was so despondent he couldn’t even make a decision about the 8 worst coronavirus ideas this week. Therefore, he simply listed his options and will let you decide.

You are a sheep, Biscuit.

Mask or no mask? Biscuit likes being comforted by wearing a mask, but he doesn’t like being called a sheep by a Washington state sheriff! He is a dog after all.

Bar or beach? Which place is better to hang out? The beach is safer for COVID-19, but the bar helps you forget about the virus for a while.

Politics or not? Are politics driving the discourse about COVID-19 and making things more difficult to manage? Heaven forbid! 

Increased infections or increased testing? Both appear to be contributing to the increase in COVID-19 numbers. 

News or no news? Is it better to be informed or to be driven crazy with anxious hyperbole? 

Do antibodies last or not? Once again, a single paper from China has thrown the medical world into a tizzy. Let’s at least try to confirm this finding before throwing out the world’s entire knowledge base of immunology and virology. 

Filling planes full or not flying? American Airlines decides to double down and pack their airplanes again in what appears to be an effort to assure that no one flies ever again. 

Return of the coronavirus task force or return of social distancing? It isn’t clear which is the more ominous event! 

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Immunologist, former Army MD, former head of allergy and clinical immunology at University of Michigan, vaccine developer and opinionated guy.

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