Biscuit returns with a simple message for everyone.

Biscuit returns this week, maybe for the last time. He is not sure his lighthearted view of things is appropriate given how many people are suffering. He did want to offer a final message to those who listen to him.

Biscuit’s hopes have been buoyed lately by reports showing treatments for COVID-19 that can save lives. He is depressed, however, when even his favorite commentator, Lester Holt, said on the news that we are “losing the war with COVID-19.” Biscuit is by nature an optimist, but even his resilience is being tested. We are not so much being defeated by COVID-19 as beating ourselves.

He remembers when NYC was on fire with COVID-19 and how the disease was slowed down. Same thing in Europe. Won’t that happen in these other cities in the US? If people do the right things won’t it happen sooner? Why don’t the TV people talk about those ideas?

What Biscuit is really hoping for is a plan, a way forward that gives him an idea of how we will move through and beyond this pandemic. He realizes that no plan is perfect, and it may have to be changed at some point; however, the lack of any type of direction in the response to the pandemic is frustrating him.  He would like people who know a lot more than he does to give him advice about important things, such as sending children to school and simple measures to help control the viral infections and deaths. 

He pines for a plan, but he has been given too many instructions about some things. Worrying about cleaning everything with Lysol makes him forget to avoid touching his mouth. Trying to always lock down makes him forget to wash his paws. Staying at home makes him forget to help others. Sometimes when you tell a dog (or people) too many things to do and keep changing the instructions, they stop doing anything.

Biscuit wants everyone to remember to do the most important thing.  Since it now is clear that the virus is mainly spread between people through their breath, he offers this simple advice…

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Immunologist, former Army MD, former head of allergy and clinical immunology at University of Michigan, vaccine developer and opinionated guy.

9 thoughts on “Biscuit returns with a simple message for everyone.

  1. Which is why I sent a consumer complaint to Walgreens and asked why they are not requiring masks to be worn while in the store!

    To which they replied the directive will be in place Monday of this coming week. What took so long?????

    We will see if they execute!

    I guess we have to be more critical of retailers.

    Amazing that a pharma company doesn’t get it!!!

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  2. Thank you for this blog. I read it daily, and sometimes send a post to people who also might want to read it. For months now ,and I finally put it on FB but I have only 6 FB friends so no traction there, but it’s such a simple slogan, I have been pushing this. I wrote to legislators. We have to try to keep things simple. I hate to say it, but it isn’t actually more complicated in my opinion . WAM. Wear A Mask. That’s all we need to do.WAM WAM WAM.   Anyway, thank you for the service you are providing. Annelieke Schauer, Hartford CT.

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  3. Please, Biscuit, don’t give up. We love hearing Dr. Baker’s important messages but we do love seeing you periodically. But you may be the only mammal who looks good in a mask.


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