Should your child trick or treat? Not in the traditional sense, but acknowledge your neighbors!

On Halloween the tradition of combing the neighborhood for treats is important in many ways. It is not just for children, who look forward to the holiday, but to locals that use it to reinforce a sense of community. Often, it is one of the few times that older community members meet children.

This year is different. Because of COVID-19 most communities are limiting trick or treating. Many blog followers are interested in whether there is any way to keep safe but still have some community interaction?

Many communities are planning non-contact events where treats are placed in an open area. For children to access This is a viable solution but lacks community interaction. Are there other options?

Medically, the risk associated with these events is primarily for older members of the community who are exposed to many younger individuals and children. Elderly individuals should be protected. Children, especially in masks, are likely to be safe even in groups if appropriately spaced.

It would be valuable to have groups of children, appropriarte spaced and masked, visit and recognize community adults at some distance, such as the sidewalk to the front door. This allows social interaction while still protecting

Communities might focus on identifying houses and people who are in isolation, and cheer them through this mechanism. It is incredible important act since it may be the only social interaction for many of these folks this winter.

Let’s hope that these few community events can keep everyone but together through this difficult time.

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Immunologist, former Army MD, former head of allergy and clinical immunology at University of Michigan, vaccine developer and opinionated guy.

2 thoughts on “Should your child trick or treat? Not in the traditional sense, but acknowledge your neighbors!

  1. Can you please comment more on herd immunity? You seem to be fact driven — I might even say hard-nosed, as a compliment. What do you make of the insistence by some that the rising “case counts” (meaning positive tests) are meaningless, because most people don’t get sick, and death rates are declining.

    Let’s say we let this virus move through our society unchecked (except for the obligatory ‘protect the vulnerable’.) Is this a feasible strategy? Even if only a small percentage end up hospitalized, wouldn’t this put an unmanageable burden on front line medical workers, who have already been under a heavy barrage? And what about the still unknown “long hauler” symptoms. This is to say nothing of the premature deaths of the vulnerable who cannot be “protected” or the ones who have an occult vulnerability.

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  2. I’m not in isolation but I avoid crowds and gatherings. So I enjoyed the kids who came to my door for the candy I left out on my porch. My glass front door made it possible for us to enjoy each other safely. This pandemic is manageable if we just can be flexible and creative.

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