Definitive data is published showing strong and lasting immunity after COVID-19 infection!

A new article today brings news about the presence of immunity after COVID-19 infection. The article in the prestigious journal Science shows that protective antibody persists even in patients with non-severe COVID-19. This is an important paper that contradicts many other reports and does so in a convincing manner.

SARS-CoV-2 spike antibody titers in 30,082 individuals. (A) The
percentage of individuals with antibody titers of 1:80 (low), 1:160 (low),
1:320 (moderate), 1:960 (high), and ≥1:2880 (high). (B) Absolute numbers
and percent of individuals with titers of 1:320 over time.

The authors are from Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC, one of the first epicenters of infection. They examined 30,082 individuals and reported that the vast majority of infected individuals with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 develop robust immunity, demonstrated by IgG antibody responses against the viral spike protein.

Neutralizing activity of serum samples in relation to ELISA (overall antibody levels) titers. (A) A correlation analysis between ELISA titers on the x axis and
neutralization titers in a microneutralization assay on the y axis. The
Spearman ρ was determined. Red bars indicate the geometric mean.
(B) The proportion of sera that exert any neutralizing activity in each of
the ELISA titer categories. Overall, most patients with antibody have the ability to neutralize the virus.

The authors also show that the levels of these antibodies in the blood of the individuals are relatively stable for at least a period of five months. The antibody levels to the COVID-19 virus spike protein also significantly correlated with neutralization of real SARS-CoV-2 virus. So not only is the antibody present, but it kills the virus.

Overall, the authors’ data suggest that almost all individuals with COVID-19 develop immunity that persists unchanged for at least five months. This suggests that anyone infected with the virus, even with minimal symptoms, will be protected from reinfection.

Given the quality of this study, it should help refute lesser studies that have argued for a lack of immunity after COVID-19 infections, or immunity that quickly wanes after infection.

This is very good news.

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