Lots of questions and a few answers on COVID-19 vaccines.

Over the weekend I tried to anticipate some of the questions people will have about the COVID-19 vaccines. I know the FDA cannot comment given their external review committee meets on Thursday to evaluate the Pfizer vaccine. But I had hoped there would be more info from government and local officials about prioritization and local availability.

I think most officials are waiting for the formal approval that (we expect) will happen at the FDA on Thursday. There was, however, an intriguing interview between Lester Holt and Alex Azar tonight on NBC news.

Secretary Azar stated there will be enough vaccine for every American by the 2nd quarter of 2021. Also, while production will be prioritized for Americans, excess vaccine after American needs are met will be distributed around the world. He also said the country has an option to obtain 500M additional doses of the Pfizer vaccine as needed.

The most interesting exchange was when Mr. Holt asked Secretary Azar if individuals already infected with the virus and having COVID-19 antibodies will be excluded from vaccination. The Secretary said no decision had been made and he had asked the FDA for guidance on this. This is obviously a group I am concerned about, and I await the FDA’s decision.

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3 thoughts on “Lots of questions and a few answers on COVID-19 vaccines.

  1. Mr. Baker,

    I saw an online conversation within the last day that women should not take the vaccine because for some reason there is some chance of causing infertility. It is probably not a credible source, and I have not seen the subject broached in your blog nor anywhere else. As you have been one of the few beacons of clear and concise diction throughout this whole pandemic process, if possible would you please address this topic? I appreciate your consideration.


    1. This is crazy. There is no data or even a rationale why someone would become sterile from this vaccine. The mRNA breaks down quickly and would have no long term effect regardless.


      1. Thought so. I appreciate your input. As an aside, your former colleague at U-M Walt Harrison, President Emeritus University of Hartford, suggested in a rare public post back in mid March that your blog would be informative. One of the best bits of advice I took this year. Thank you again.

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