Waking up my readership!

Yesterday’s post on Sen. Paul vs. Dr. Fauci drew much attention from my followers that at least let me know people are still reading the blog! Let me clarify some points and reiterate my conclusion.

I did not say I “liked” the way Sen. Paul questioned Dr. Fauci. It made for a confrontational meeting with more drama than was necessary.

I did not say everyone should stop wearing masks right now or that people do not have to be vaccinated. Clearly, the biggest risk to our post COVID-19 future is people who refuse to be immunized.

On the other hand, unlike many media sites, I do not want to dismiss Sen. Rand’s comments simply because of the source.

We should agree that at some point, when everyone is vaccinated, masks should become optional rather than mandated.

The United States also needs to help the entire world get vaccinated to keep this scourge from coming back!

A simple message that I might have had Biscuit give in earlier times. It likely would have been better accepted coming from him!

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Immunologist, former Army MD, former head of allergy and clinical immunology at University of Michigan, vaccine developer and opinionated guy.

14 thoughts on “Waking up my readership!

  1. I was quite confident that this would happen as soon as I saw the headline. The politiciation of the pandemic has been problem since the beginning. Both sides are, IMHO, equally gulty of this. It’s a manifestation of the stark division that exists in our society, and things seem to be getting worse, not better.

    I think of all people in Congress, Dr. Paul probably has a handle on the medical aspects of the pandemic as well as anybody, and probably more than most. The attacks against him simply because he’s a Republican are cringe-worthy and belie narrow-mindednes IMHO. I think we should temper our partisanship and consider the arguments on the merits, not whether or not the person has an “R” or “D” after their name.

    P.S.: One irony about this is that of the 17 members of Congress who are physicians, 3 are Democrats and 14 are Republicans.

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  2. “We should agree that at some point, when everyone is vaccinated, masks should become optional rather than mandated”

    Considering the rhetoric of politicians, a lot of what they say is to score points, keep in the news, get elected again, etc.
    Easily seen in both parties.

    Many people believe in the
    “never vaccinate” side – because it’s their political party and that party is a very large group as seen in the most recent election.
    What percentage of vaccinated people is enough to abandon masks? And will we ever reach that number? I have my doubts.

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  3. I didn’t take a look at the responses and I’m glad I didn’t because one of the worst things that’s happening right now is this whole shaming thing. Everybody’s opinions get flung around and misunderstood, everything that you said in this recent post all I could think of was he didn’t say that. He didn’t say that.

    I appreciate you always taking a look at all of the opinions and thoughts and situations out there and distilling them into a more cohesive logical thought process. Thank you for taking the time and doing this for all of us.

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  4. Dr. I thought your post was measured and excellent. I understood what you had to say and quite frankly I agree – as to the testiness between Paul & Fauci – and then your readers – well isn’t that just our fractured times – sad, but true. And I don’t think Biscuit could have said it any better. I have appreciated all of your posts. Thank you!

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  5. As you wrote, “when everyone is vaccinated” masks should be optional. The problem with Sen. Paul is that he feels that for any fully vaccinated person, that time is now. Hence his “theater” accusation to Fauci about his continuing to wear a mask.

    By the way, many thanks for your ongoing commitment to clarifying/enlightening us.

    On Sat, Mar 20, 2021, 10:17 AM Pandemic Pondering wrote:

    > jbakerjrblog posted: ” Yesterday’s post on Sen. Paul vs. Dr. Fauci drew > much attention from my followers that at least let me know people are still > reading the blog! Let me clarify some points and reiterate my conclusion. I > did not say I “liked” the way Sen. Paul questi” >

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  6. Your Blog has brought a slice of sanity and intelligence to our family this year. Thank you!

    I hope you publish a book based on excerpts from your work.


  7. “My perspective is that once everyone is vaccinated for COVID-19, people should be allowed in public without being forced to wear masks. If enforced masks are truly needed at that point to prevent further COVID-19 infections, then we need to admit the vaccine effort was a failure.” – Dr. Baker

    Given your reasonable statement above, the fact is (apparently reliably given behavior in the US) that there will *not* be herd immunity or a point where “everyone is vaccinated “, thanks in large part to people like Rand Paul.

    So, in fact, we will *not* be tossing masks away perhaps ever as the anti vax Know Nothings prevent herd immunity.

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    1. Not true: Vaccinations are basically a form of “controlled” infection. The people who don’t get vaccinated can still become infected, and once they do if they survive COVID-19 the will have developed antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 just like those who’ve been vaccinated. Hence, herd immunity either way. Happens all the time in nature, even with no vaccines. Vaccinations just get us there more quickly and safely.

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  8. Dr. Baker,

    I totally agree with your assessment and perspective on “mask wearing” I am glad that you posted the debate and the two perspectives of Dr’s Paul and Fauci. We need to have this discussion and I am glad you brought the concerns from BOTH perspectives to our attention. I cannot thank you enough for your blog and I look forward to reading it everyday.

    I am wondering if you have given much thought to how we will identify ourselves as having been vaccinated . In a few months people will start to travel again outside the United States. Although we receive the card identifying vaccination, it seems that it is something that could be falsified. Will there be a data base, a chip, ( proof that would identify a forgery ?) I haven’t seen much to address this issue and if there is no plan, it will become a huge issue.

    Again, I thank you for your posts! Keep up the great work!! Sincerely. Gayle Hood


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  9. Thank you for looking at this issue. I am left completely confused by mixed messages about being vaccinated. On March 8 the CDC recommended that the fully vaccinated avoid travel, without explaining why, and said they still need to avoid crowds, mask, distance. A news story today tells of a grandma in Trenton, MI celebrating her 100th birthday behind glass, though she is vaccinated. An article says “Her family thought they might be able to see her in person, but unfortunately, it’s still not safe.” Why is it not safe? It laves people wondering what good it is to get a CV-19 vaccine, especially since they hear of friends who didn’t feel great after the second shot. For the record, I have had my 2 Moderna shots. I’m just hoping that a clear message develops from the CDC on down that 2 weeks after your shots, you’re clear. That has to be the only message or I’m afraid many who were going to set the vaccine will skip it.

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