Why Do Young Healthy People Die-Continued.

There are several articles out today on the evolving finding that coronavirus infection appears to result in a binary outcome in otherwise healthy young people; you are either well with minimal symptoms or (in a minority) you get life-threatening disease. I’ve written about this topic before, but articles from Science Magazine and on CNN reinforceContinue reading “Why Do Young Healthy People Die-Continued.”

Will you need a blood test to go back to work?

There was a front-page article in the New York Times today how Italy may be using antibody testing to verify people who can go back to work. The article told how Italy is following Germany in using a blood test that identifies antibodies (immune proteins) specific for COVID-19 as a way to clear individuals toContinue reading “Will you need a blood test to go back to work?”

Sorry NYT: A Virus is NOT a Poison!

Today I have been bombarded with questions about a New York Times opinion piece concerning coronavirus infections. This piece, written by a chemistry and genomics professor and grad student at Princeton, states that, “As with any other poison, viruses are usually deadlier in larger amounts.” The piece makes a number of statements about exposure toContinue reading “Sorry NYT: A Virus is NOT a Poison!”

New publications give disturbing findings about COVID-19 but also some good news.

One of the most important things we need to understand is how the COVID-19 (also called SARS-CoV-2) binds to and infects human cells (Figure 1). Two recent research papers provide a number of disturbing pieces of information about this process. A new paper in the journal Nature by investigators from University of Minnesota shows thatContinue reading “New publications give disturbing findings about COVID-19 but also some good news.”