Breaking: Government Trial Shows Efficacy for Remdesivir in COVID Infection

A placebo-controlled, government run trial of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 infection reportedly met its “primary efficacy endpoint” according to Gilead Sciences. While we are waiting for more information on the results, having shown efficacy in this large (800 patient), controlled trial could help to resolve the questions raised in prior testing of the drug. MoreContinue reading “Breaking: Government Trial Shows Efficacy for Remdesivir in COVID Infection”


Summary: Almost everyone hospitalized with COVID-19 has a pre-existing health problem! One of the things I find most frustrating is how the news media has not accurately portrayed the health risks from COVID-19. It seems there is an ongoing effort to scare the general population about their risk of getting sick and dying from COVID-19.Continue reading “IN REALITY, WHO GETS SICK FROM COVID?”

Wonderful News From NYC You Don’t See On TV!

In the media’s rush to point out the ongoing problems with COVID-19, they seemed to have missed a major story! These are the daily COVID death and hospitalization statistics from the NYC government website. The Hospitalizations (upper panel) peaked before the Deaths (lower panel), which is not surprising because most individuals are sick for someContinue reading “Wonderful News From NYC You Don’t See On TV!”

Whipsawed by Remdesivir

In the last few weeks we have been given bizarrely conflicting information about the use of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 infection. This antiviral drug appeared to have the most promise to treat COVID-19, as it demonstrated a well-defined mechanism of action specific for the virus. It also had shown some efficacy in other, similar viralContinue reading “Whipsawed by Remdesivir”

Thursday night news we might not want…

Two pieces of news tonight. A preliminary Chinese study that was accidentally leaked by the WHO suggested that remdesivir was not effective in treating COVID-19 patients. STAT News found the study on the WHO website , and it undercuts the hope that this antiviral drug might be useful in treating COVID-19. Like many of theContinue reading “Thursday night news we might not want…”

Half of NYC Infected With COVID-19.

Antibody studies are now indicating much higher rates of COVID infection A PCR study showed 15% of random NYC woman giving birth were positive for COVID virus by early April Given the timing and limitations of the PCR testing, the percent of random NYC COVID-19 infected is now approaching 50% Last Sunday, for Passover andContinue reading “Half of NYC Infected With COVID-19.”

Remdesivir to the Rescue?

I have been hoping for a rational drug treatment for COVID based on science, not wishful thinking. One may be at hand!  Remdesivir is one of the first drugs that appears to be useful to treat Coronavirus infection. It is an antiviral drug, which means it specifically inhibits an activity that allows the virus toContinue reading “Remdesivir to the Rescue?”

The coronavirus is not a hoax, but a lot of people seem to think it is….

I often think that television “news” is based on the premise that you can always find defeat in any victory. Much like the Weather Channel now names winter storms, the more fear you can whip up the better the ratings. There is certainly enough trauma from COVID-19 without making it worse for people. The goodContinue reading “The coronavirus is not a hoax, but a lot of people seem to think it is….”