Thursday night news we might not want…

Two pieces of news tonight.

A preliminary Chinese study that was accidentally leaked by the WHO suggested that remdesivir was not effective in treating COVID-19 patients. STAT News found the study on the WHO website , and it undercuts the hope that this antiviral drug might be useful in treating COVID-19. Like many of the other reports on this drug, this type of preliminary data moves the stock price but does not definitively resolve whether the drug is effective in treating COVID.

Gov. Cuomo announcing the latest numbers

Another study suggested that large numbers of individuals in NYC are infected with COVID. Gov. Cuomo quoted this study that suggested that 21% of locals are or have been infected with COVID. Those who follow this blog know that I feel nearly 40-50% of New Yorkers have been infected. Given the timing of this study, the sampling techniques, and the lag of 14 days for the development of antibody, I think this is still an underestimate. But at least they have come up to my order of magnitude. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of New Yorkers infected.

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