Mothers Day!

Since it is Mother’s Day, I won’t take a lot of your time having you read a long and involved blog post. Instead, I would like to give thanks for three items and make one request.

First the thanks. 

The greatest benefit achieved from “shelter in place” has been allowing our families to be together again. I know this is something that many of us feel, but on Mother’s Day it’s particularly nice to have the whole family together at home (even if it’s governmentally imposed)! Many of our young adult children have returned home during this period ,and it truly is a gift to be with them again and sharing their lives.

Recent events have given us all a new appreciation for the frailty and value of human life. In many ways I think we became too remote from the potential that each of us lives every day with some risk of dying. We have developed an expectation that modern medicine can take care of anything and patch us up, like some movie android, to be “good as new.” If the last two months have proven anything it is that human life remains tenuous and needs to be aggressively protected. While we need to restart normal life, we also should focus on those at risk around us.

Finally, an incredible thank you to Judy and Clark Malcolm, as well as Melissa Rennells. Judy and Clark have been doing the daily editing of my columns and correcting not just my grammar, but also the gremlins that occur from electronic aggregation. Melissa helped to set up this blog and has been able to adjust its format to meet the requirements of additional readership and interest. Without them this blog wouldn’t exist!

I do have one request of our readers. 

I would hope that all of the readers will try to share this blog with others. I have had much interest on some of my commentaries about reentering the workforce, but a single blog does not have much resonance in the electronic wilderness. Please feel free to share these posts with anyone you feel might be helped by these recommendations and let us all try to develop a path forward out of this pandemic even if the politicians cannot seem to provide guidance.


Jim Baker

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Immunologist, former Army MD, former head of allergy and clinical immunology at University of Michigan, vaccine developer and opinionated guy.

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