Two new articles on herd immunity to COVID-19.

Two divergent articles on herd immunity happen to publish this week, but they could not be more different. One is from the Wall Street Journal and it includes a video that really does a good job of explaining herd immunity and how it can be achieved. It includes narration from a couple of different individuals including an enthusiastic associate professor from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. I strongly recommend viewing it. 

Social distancing does not mean herd immunity won’t happen!

On the other hand, a two part review of herd immunity by Groff Brumfiel from NPR seems to come from the “it will never happen” school. He seems to focus only on people who don’t believe herd immunity is achievable, and even quotes disgraced researcher Neil Ferguson from imperial College in London. It also includes a section on COVID-19 reinfection that has several inaccuracies and has no references from recent studies refuting this concept.

Remarkably, both sets of articles come to the conclusion that the quickest way to herd immunity would be through a vaccine. The way they present their arguments, however, could not be more different.

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4 thoughts on “Two new articles on herd immunity to COVID-19.

  1. It would be nice to hear your take on reopening of schools, particularly in the K-5 range. I really am fearful that major damage is being done by keeping schools closed, particularly to low income students who may not have adequate resources for learning from home.

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  2. Dr. Baker, Will subjects taking part in these large 30,000 plus trials for the various vaccines be required to observe safety protocols like wearing a mask and avoiding large groups of people in small meeting areas? Or will the drug companies want these subjects exposed to the virus so they can better measure the effects?

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