Holiday gift wishes from Nindy.

Nindy has ended her formal period of mourning after Biscuit’s death, and she’s decided to look forward to the future and to better days. As part of this, Nindy decided to put together a list of holiday gifts that she would offer individuals and organizations to improve everyone’s life. 

Nindy: time to move on….

1. To Zoom: More festive backgrounds for virtual holiday get togethers.

2. To California: More affordable housing for health care workers, which might provide long term help with your current shortage. 

3. To schoolchildren: COVID-19 vaccine for all your teachers so you can return to classes and show off your presents to your classmates! 

I include this picture lest we forget what school classes took like.

4. To England: Better public health professionals who don’t close down your country’s borders based on panic rather than pandemic! 

Trucks forbidden to leave England backed up at the boarder.

5. To Dr. Fauci: Baseball pitching lessons for both Christmas and your 80th birthday (born on Christmas Eve)!

Regardless of what some people might say, Tony’s worst pitch was with a baseball!

6. To AstraZeneca: Pfizer’s clinical development team to fix your COVID-19 vaccine program.

Kathrin Jansen, head of vaccine R and D at Pfizer.

7. To China: A WHO monitoring program to screen your population for new viral outbreaks.

8. To the WHO: Funding from countries other than China so you can run better disease monitoring throughout the world.

9. To Dr. Birx: A better realtor so you don’t have to take your entire family out to your summer home over Thanksgiving to prepare it for sale!

What were those infection numbers again on the eastern shore?

10. To everyone: The vaccine even sooner than you expect it so next Christmas is normal!          

Pandemic Pondering will take a couple of days off at Christmas, although I will continue to monitor events and post a blog as necessary   

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Immunologist, former Army MD, former head of allergy and clinical immunology at University of Michigan, vaccine developer and opinionated guy.

7 thoughts on “Holiday gift wishes from Nindy.

  1. Thanks Professor for the interpretation and advice throughout the year and to your family! Your blog has been a big help!


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