More on Vaccine allergic reactions.

Happy Holidays! A bonus post.

A front page article in WSJ today outlines how the RNA vaccines work and clarifies vaccine allergic reactions. I provided input on several topics.

The illustrations are great. One showing how these vaccines work is replicated below.

Again, these reactions are very rare, and fortunately have not caused anyone permanent disability or death.

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Immunologist, former Army MD, former head of allergy and clinical immunology at University of Michigan, vaccine developer and opinionated guy.

6 thoughts on “More on Vaccine allergic reactions.

  1. Mr. Baker,

    Thank you for your clear and concise information throughout the year on this pandemic. Your July 4th post that “this pandemic will end” was spot on as we come to the end of 2020. More of society should be attentive to your pondering rather than mass media’s pontificating.

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    1. While I think that asymptomatic transmission is less likely, mainly because they shed less virus, I do not think it does not occur and this article is flawed. While they looked at “10 million people” they only found 300 cases in China? Also, we have evidence of asymptomatic transmission in the US, especially in college students where 85% of the cases are without overt symptoms. The “commentary” in the article suggested lockdowns were only because of asymptomatic spread. They were to stabilize the medical system from patient overload from any source. I am not big on lockdowns, but several places around the country (currently CA and TN) are a mess and hospitals in some regions are overwhelmed. Michigan was relatively stable in that regard except in the early days in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb.

      A lot of spreading also comes from folks with minimal disease and infection before symptoms. Then there are those who insist on going out and about with obvious illness. Love the guy who got on the plane with overt COVID-symptoms and then had a heart attack and died! Must have been an important trip!


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