A great article on how unvaccinated individuals are responsible for most current COVID-19 infections.

I refer you to an excellent article in The Atlantic that explains the source of most current COVID-19 infections. Despite the commentary from misinformation campaigns, almost all infections are now caused by unvaccinated people. The Atlantic article presents data that explains infected, vaccinated individuals are much less likely to spread COVID-19.

This has significance for everyone, as exposure to infected individuals who have not been vaccinated is much more dangerous and more likely to require quarantine and testing. Also, this is essentially the only way vaccinated individuals get infected.

I hope the CDC director reads this given her agency’s poorly worded, confusing comments on this topic!

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4 thoughts on “A great article on how unvaccinated individuals are responsible for most current COVID-19 infections.

  1. Dr Baker, I really enjoy your posts and find you to be a great resource for “real” information. I am trying to find any data on the percentage of unvaccinated that are being hospitalized to determine what percentage have been previously diagnosed with Covid-19. I have 3 grown children that all had COVID-19 and feel their natural immunity is sufficient. I have not seen this reported anywhere.

    Thank you for all you are doing!


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    1. Generally, infected but unvaccinated individuals have twice the rate of hospitalization as vaccinated individuals. NYC data is the best source (https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/doh/downloads/pdf/covid/covid-19-post-vaccination-data-082321.pdf). Interestingly, over time, the hospitalization rates for unvaccinated there have not changed even though many more of them have been infected previously. BTW, most infected folks can get away with one shot of vaccine.


    1. Scott Atlass has no idea what he is talking about. If we followed his lead, we wouldn’t be giving polio vaccine since most children don’t get paralyzed or measles vaccine since only a small percentage of kid die. He is an embarrassment to the neuroradiology community.


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