Biscuit returns to celebrate my 100th blog post.

Against my better judgment, Biscuit returns this week to celebrate the 100th post of this blog and address the worst ideas in COVID-19 medicine and science. In a week where science and medicine were overshadowed by remarkable social and political events, there was still no lack of bad medical ideas, poor science. and out and outContinue reading “Biscuit returns to celebrate my 100th blog post.”

Biscuit honors Memorial Day with a nap.

Biscuit is back with his Memorial Day worst COVID-19 (or SARS-CoV-2) ideas of the week. For most of us Memorial Day weekend has a solemn nature remembering those that we have lost in wars and other conflicts. This is an especially appropriate thing to do this year. For Biscuit, it just means the beginning ofContinue reading “Biscuit honors Memorial Day with a nap.”

Biscuit and Nindy get good news! We get the worst COVID ideas of the week

While most of us were frustrated this week by bizarre federal hearings and the seeming lack of progress in managing the pandemic, Biscuit was ecstatic! First, both Biscuit and Nindy started shedding with the warm weather, so they don’t need haircuts like everyone else in the house. Then both were happy to hear that notContinue reading “Biscuit and Nindy get good news! We get the worst COVID ideas of the week”

Biscuit is Faster Than Ever!

We suffered one of the risks of working from home this week as our wireless router literally melted down (true story). After some negotiations and a triangulation between Best Buy and Comcast, we were up running again at much faster speed. Biscuit took advantage of this to stream his favorite show Schitts Creek (he lovesContinue reading “Biscuit is Faster Than Ever!”

Biscuit returns, albeit a bit hoarse…

Biscuit and Nindy return to talk about their dumbest COVID-19 ideas of the week. Nindy had to do most of the talking though since Biscuit tried to drink the Lysol. Poor dog just believes everything he hears on TV…. 1) Underestimating COVID-19 infection rates. Infection rates have been remarkably underestimated, which gives people a false senseContinue reading “Biscuit returns, albeit a bit hoarse…”

Biscuit’s bad COVID ideas return, with a friend to help!

It’s Saturday and time for Biscuit’s truly bad coronavirus ideas of the week. Unfortunately, Biscuit is basking in his notoriety and tried to negotiate for compensation to use his likeness. I overcame this by including his friend Nindy, who is willing to do this service for free. Nindy is more interested in social consciousness thanContinue reading “Biscuit’s bad COVID ideas return, with a friend to help!”

Biscuit is Back with this Week’s Worst Coronavirus Ideas.

It’s Saturday so Biscuit is back with his worst coronavirus ideas of the week. See if you agree. 1) Mega church services with everyone in attendance. Not only are the parishioners at risk, but several of the pastors have died from coronavirus. God helps those who help themselves! We will miss Easter, but will beContinue reading “Biscuit is Back with this Week’s Worst Coronavirus Ideas.”

Biscuit’s Eight Worst Coronavirus Ideas of the Week!

This week my dog Biscuit and I saw a number of questionable ideas that have gained attention in the press and social media. He says it is time to call out the eight worst ideas about the coronavirus this week. 1. Using Navy hospital ships for coronavirus support. The US Comfort has been barely utilizedContinue reading “Biscuit’s Eight Worst Coronavirus Ideas of the Week!”