An Update from last night.

The lead story on NBC was again the “rare” auto-inflammatory syndrome. NY State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker reiterated an alert to medical providers regarding the “potential association” between “multi-system inflammatory syndrome” — or Kawasaki disease — and COVID-19.  The major change from yesterday is that according to Dr. Zucker, “there are now sixty-four (64) suspected pediatric clinicalContinue reading “An Update from last night.”

Is Michigan really “leading the country” for COVID-19 deaths?

Today I address a remarkable announcement from CBS WWMT (Channel 3) in Grand Rapids Michigan. Their website proudly announces that Michigan has “the nation’s highest COVID-19 death rate.” They also definitively state that the elevated COVID-19 death rate in some Michigan counties was based on “differences in economics.”  They came to this conclusion because theyContinue reading “Is Michigan really “leading the country” for COVID-19 deaths?”

Sweden May Show the US the Way Forward

As we try to extract ourselves from lockdown, one approach to move forward is based on Sweden’s response to the pandemic. For those who haven’t heard of Sweden’s approach, they are not doing universal social distancing, did not close down any businesses, and did not cancel any large events. Sweden’s plan was crafted by theirContinue reading “Sweden May Show the US the Way Forward”

NYC Passes the 25% Threshold While Anti-IL6 Results Confound

The latest COVID-19 figures from NYC are in and they are as impressive as the Skyline! Governor Cuomo announced that 25% of NYC residents are positive on COVID antibody (blood) testing, while 15% of NY State residents are positive. This means that when the blood test was done, 25% of NYC residents and 15% ofContinue reading “NYC Passes the 25% Threshold While Anti-IL6 Results Confound”


Summary: Almost everyone hospitalized with COVID-19 has a pre-existing health problem! One of the things I find most frustrating is how the news media has not accurately portrayed the health risks from COVID-19. It seems there is an ongoing effort to scare the general population about their risk of getting sick and dying from COVID-19.Continue reading “IN REALITY, WHO GETS SICK FROM COVID?”

Biscuit returns, albeit a bit hoarse…

Biscuit and Nindy return to talk about their dumbest COVID-19 ideas of the week. Nindy had to do most of the talking though since Biscuit tried to drink the Lysol. Poor dog just believes everything he hears on TV…. 1) Underestimating COVID-19 infection rates. Infection rates have been remarkably underestimated, which gives people a false senseContinue reading “Biscuit returns, albeit a bit hoarse…”

R.t — the effective infection rate. Update; changes in social distancing have yet to worsen infectivity.

I am reposting this Blog because I have an update with data from May 26, 2020 at the end. I think it is important given the reductions in stay at home orders and violations of social distancing observed over Memorial Day weekend. “R.t” is a commonly used measure to describe the expansion of infections during theContinue reading “R.t — the effective infection rate. Update; changes in social distancing have yet to worsen infectivity.”

Half of NYC Infected With COVID-19.

Antibody studies are now indicating much higher rates of COVID infection A PCR study showed 15% of random NYC woman giving birth were positive for COVID virus by early April Given the timing and limitations of the PCR testing, the percent of random NYC COVID-19 infected is now approaching 50% Last Sunday, for Passover andContinue reading “Half of NYC Infected With COVID-19.”

It Truly Is Getting Better (and the US is not worse than the rest of the world!)….

Today I have received a great deal of concern that the pandemic is not improving, especially in the US. The reasons for this are, in part, due to confusing and contradictory dialogues in the news. Some also have used graphics showing total death numbers to suggest the US is doing worse than the rest ofContinue reading “It Truly Is Getting Better (and the US is not worse than the rest of the world!)….”