Feedback on “Moses” Post

Some gave comments that the case fatality rate (CFR) used to calculate the percent of infected individuals in yesterday’s post is too low The CFR, which was initially thought to be very high (two people dying for every 100 people infected or 2.0%) has dropped as testing for the virus becomes more widespread. With theContinue reading “Feedback on “Moses” Post”

100 million COVID Infected Americans are the “Moses” that Will Deliver Us Beyond the Pandemic

Summary The toll of this pandemic has been horrific throughout the world. Remarkable sacrifices have been made that have limited its impact Moving forward we need to understand how many people have been infected If estimates are correct, we have significant immunity to COVID-19 Immunity will allow us to move forward from this pandemic SinceContinue reading “100 million COVID Infected Americans are the “Moses” that Will Deliver Us Beyond the Pandemic”

A single breath can transmit COVID-19

Simple breathing can spread COVID-19 from individuals who appear well. The easy transmission of this virus changes how we will try to limit the pandemic. Reports are emerging that even regular breathing can transmit COVID-19. The virus appears to be in expired air from people who are just breathing normally. This is very different fromContinue reading “A single breath can transmit COVID-19”

Hot off the wire… New pandemic projections

There have just been new projections on the course in the pandemic in the entire US and each state. These are the best projections I have seen and contain both optimistic and concerning information. Please take a look and let me know what you think and how good a job your state is doing! JimContinue reading “Hot off the wire… New pandemic projections”

Five things we must do to prepare for the next COVID-19 outbreak.

Can we prepare for the next round of coronavirus infection? Will we prevent the disruption of our lives again? What can we do to make sure that fewer people get seriously ill or die from the COVID-19. These are important questions that we need to address in order to prepare for the next round ofContinue reading “Five things we must do to prepare for the next COVID-19 outbreak.”

Will I Die From CVID-19 When I Go Back To Work?

Will I die if I get coronavirus infection? Will I get seriously ill? What is the chance I will get infected if I resume my normal activities. Will there be medical care available for me if I get sick? Are their medicines that could keep me from dying if I get sick? These are someContinue reading “Will I Die From CVID-19 When I Go Back To Work?”