A modest proposal: how to totally normalize life in America and still prevent excess mortality from COVID-19.

We need a plan to move the country forward and need one now. I am tired of hearing arguments based on “breaking news,” supercomputer modeling or economic formulas. I am therefore proposing this simple way to allow most people to lead normal lives while avoiding most (94%) deaths from COVID-19. There is now a significantContinue reading “A modest proposal: how to totally normalize life in America and still prevent excess mortality from COVID-19.”

An Update from last night.

The lead story on NBC was again the “rare” auto-inflammatory syndrome. NY State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker reiterated an alert to medical providers regarding the “potential association” between “multi-system inflammatory syndrome” — or Kawasaki disease — and COVID-19.  The major change from yesterday is that according to Dr. Zucker, “there are now sixty-four (64) suspected pediatric clinicalContinue reading “An Update from last night.”

Can “Excess Mortality” numbers guide the way forward?

Two physicians, Dr. Jeremy Faust from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Dr. Carlos del Rio, professor of medicine and global health at Emory University, have proposed that the metric of “excess mortality” be used to define when it is safe to “reemerge” from our current restrictions in an opinion piece in the Washington Post.Continue reading “Can “Excess Mortality” numbers guide the way forward?”

A flurry of “reports” of Kawasaki disease in COVID-19.

Reports dominated the news channels tonight about a “new” complication from COVID-19 infection in children — Kawasaki disease. Dramatic pictures of children on ventilators were displayed across the screen with warnings from grieving parents. Since Kawasaki disease is a suspected complication of many viral infections, I wondered what the evidence of this disease was inContinue reading “A flurry of “reports” of Kawasaki disease in COVID-19.”

The FDA puts the hammer down on unapproved blood tests – sort of.

The FDA today took action to clear up the mess in COVID-19 blood testing. You might remember that blood tests for COVID-19 were allowed to enter the US under a special emergency use approval (EUA) called Part D. Under this special exemption, a test could be imported and sold on a “promise” that the manufacturerContinue reading “The FDA puts the hammer down on unapproved blood tests – sort of.”

Is Michigan really “leading the country” for COVID-19 deaths?

Today I address a remarkable announcement from CBS WWMT (Channel 3) in Grand Rapids Michigan. Their website proudly announces that Michigan has “the nation’s highest COVID-19 death rate.” They also definitively state that the elevated COVID-19 death rate in some Michigan counties was based on “differences in economics.”  They came to this conclusion because theyContinue reading “Is Michigan really “leading the country” for COVID-19 deaths?”

Biscuit is Faster Than Ever!

We suffered one of the risks of working from home this week as our wireless router literally melted down (true story). After some negotiations and a triangulation between Best Buy and Comcast, we were up running again at much faster speed. Biscuit took advantage of this to stream his favorite show Schitts Creek (he lovesContinue reading “Biscuit is Faster Than Ever!”

Truly Good News: FDA Approval for Remdesivir

The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that it has provided Emergency Use Approval (EUA) for remdesivir in treating coronavirus patients who require hospitalization.  With this approval, the drug is only available if administered intravenously, once a day for up to 10 days. No oral use of remdesivir has been tested or approved. EUA isContinue reading “Truly Good News: FDA Approval for Remdesivir”

Is it wrong to investigate if the coronavirus came from a lab accident?

Today I want to highlight two articles from different news sources. The first is from the Associated Press and outlines findings from the US intelligence community (IC) that have definitively concluded the current coronavirus outbreak was not caused by a purposely engineered virus. However, it says the IC is still examining whether the pandemic mayContinue reading “Is it wrong to investigate if the coronavirus came from a lab accident?”

Confirmed: Government Trial Shows Efficacy for Remdesivir in COVID Infection!

A placebo-controlled, government run trial of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 infection reportedly met its “primary efficacy endpoint” according to Gilead Sciences. Having shown efficacy in this large, controlled trial could help to resolve the questions raised in prior testing of the drug. NIH has now issued a statement about the trial outcome. In it theyContinue reading “Confirmed: Government Trial Shows Efficacy for Remdesivir in COVID Infection!”