More inaccurate talk about the “spike” of COVID-19 in Texas.

Yesterday, after a 60 minutes report suggesting a “spike” in COVID-19 cases and hospitalization in Texas, I questioned their assertion. After reviewing the data, especially the Rt value reflecting virus transmission, I concluded there was no spike. Today Twitter was alive with talk of the “spike” of COVID-19 in Texas, a result of released andContinue reading “More inaccurate talk about the “spike” of COVID-19 in Texas.”

Is there a spike in the spread of Coronavirus in Texas?

Tonight, 60 minutes had a long segment about Texas, the end of social distancing and coronavirus control measures. The segment focused on San Antonio, but also addressed Texas-wide reductions in limitations on church services, restaurants and other measures such as enforced wearing of masks. Both the mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg, and Scott Pelley,Continue reading “Is there a spike in the spread of Coronavirus in Texas?”

Is there a “chronic” form of COVID-19?

There have been reports from credible sources that some patients have a “chronic” or prolonged version of corona virus infection. These reports describe symptoms that range from recurrent fevers and myalgias, often associated with weakness and tiredness. Some of these patients have been diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). As many may know, this disorder has no knownContinue reading “Is there a “chronic” form of COVID-19?”

More on Sweden, Plasma Therapy and Surgisphere

I have follow-up information to provide to you on three topics .  The first relates to Sweden which has been one of the strongest proponents of a more progressive approach to coronavirus management. Their concept was to allow young people who have minimal risk from coronavirus to have wide freedom of movement, not social distancing, whileContinue reading “More on Sweden, Plasma Therapy and Surgisphere”

Who is Surgisphere and why is the scientific community concerned about their COVID studies?

An interesting problem in the scientific literature surrounding COVID-19 cropped up today. Two journals, the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published what they describe as “expressions of concern” (EOC) about a study in each journal focusing on coronavirus infection and drug therapy. The first study, in the Lancet, suggested that cardiovascular side effectsContinue reading “Who is Surgisphere and why is the scientific community concerned about their COVID studies?”

Nursing Facilities and Coronavirus Infections and Deaths

Two days ago, I wrote about the need to assess COVID risk for loved ones who reside in nursing homes. For many people, it has been impossible either to remove or even to see their family members in these facilities. Clearly, nursing homes are one of the largest sources of coronavirus deaths as it hasContinue reading “Nursing Facilities and Coronavirus Infections and Deaths”

Has the coronavirus really “weakened” in Italy?

There was a provocative report today that suggested that a fundamental change had occurred in the SARS-COv2 coronavirus in Italy.  A senior Italian health official suggested in a Reuters article that the coronavirus had become “much less pathogenic (able to cause illness) in people in Italy. “In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy,” saidContinue reading “Has the coronavirus really “weakened” in Italy?”

Given the risk of COVID, what should one do with a loved one in a nursing facility?

One of the questions I am often asked: given the risk from COVID for an an elderly loved one in a nursing facility, should you move them from the facility? This is obviously not an easy question to answer, but there are a number of things to think about before making any changes in yourContinue reading “Given the risk of COVID, what should one do with a loved one in a nursing facility?”

Everyone take a time out!

Saturday is usually the day I write a somewhat lighthearted blog post giving my dog’s perspective on the COVID crisis. However, given what’s happening in the country right now I don’t feel much like levity. While the rioting that’s occurring is not directly the result of the COVID pandemic, I believe that social distancing andContinue reading “Everyone take a time out!”

Why COVID-19 antibody assays can be unreliable.

As discussed in the blog post yesterday, the COVID-19, lateral flow antibody test is a remarkably simple, very stable and consistent platform. It requires no machine to run, it can be stored at up to 86°F for up to a year, and as long as the reagents are unused it gives very consistent results. DespiteContinue reading “Why COVID-19 antibody assays can be unreliable.”