Everyone take a time out!

Saturday is usually the day I write a somewhat lighthearted blog post giving my dog’s perspective on the COVID crisis. However, given what’s happening in the country right now I don’t feel much like levity. While the rioting that’s occurring is not directly the result of the COVID pandemic, I believe that social distancing andContinue reading “Everyone take a time out!”

Why COVID-19 antibody assays can be unreliable.

As discussed in the blog post yesterday, the COVID-19, lateral flow antibody test is a remarkably simple, very stable and consistent platform. It requires no machine to run, it can be stored at up to 86°F for up to a year, and as long as the reagents are unused it gives very consistent results. DespiteContinue reading “Why COVID-19 antibody assays can be unreliable.”

Remdesivir to the Rescue?

I have been hoping for a rational drug treatment for COVID based on science, not wishful thinking. One may be at hand!  Remdesivir is one of the first drugs that appears to be useful to treat Coronavirus infection. It is an antiviral drug, which means it specifically inhibits an activity that allows the virus toContinue reading “Remdesivir to the Rescue?”