Why this blog won’t discuss politics.

I’ve received a number of comments lately suggesting that I should weigh in on the failures of various politicians in the COVID-19 response. One also suggested that by not specifically calling out the blunders of the executive branch I was in fact condoning them.  I wish to remind everyone that the focus of this blogContinue reading “Why this blog won’t discuss politics.”

Six items that bring out my COVID-19 pessimism.

One of my colleagues at the University of Michigan suggested that I was the “most upbeat person she knew on the COVID-19 pandemic.” I appreciated but was surprised by this comment. While I try to be evenhanded and base all of my blog posts on available data, politics and opinion have so remarkably penetrated theContinue reading “Six items that bring out my COVID-19 pessimism.”

US COVID numbers for July 7th; a complex story.

It is always interesting to look at statistics and try to interpret trends. Today, Johns Hopkins published the following numbers for US COVID infections and deaths. Deaths continue to fall, but interestingly at a time when most are touting the rise in infections, Hopkins’ figures show an 18% drop. This seems to fly in theContinue reading “US COVID numbers for July 7th; a complex story.”

My July 4th message; this pandemic will end.

Several of my followers asked if I would repost my July 4th blog. I am happy to do it and appreciate all of the positive comments. Jim Baker In respect for the 4th of July, I will provide what I believe is the most valuable message about this pandemic. It is simply that this pandemic will comeContinue reading “My July 4th message; this pandemic will end.”

We are still talking about hydroxychloroquine, but maybe for the last time.

On a day when the well-respected RECOVERY Study from Great Britain reported there was no significant benefit to hydroxychloroquine in hospitalized patients, a paper was published in the International Journal of Infectious Disease suggesting that there might be benefit from hydroxychloroquine and the combination of that drug with azithromycin.  First, the results from RECOVERY, funded byContinue reading “We are still talking about hydroxychloroquine, but maybe for the last time.”

A new, non-argument about aerosol spread of COVID-19.

There has been a flurry of recent news stories about aerosol spread of COVID-19. This has been prompted predominantly by an open letter from 600 scientists criticizing the WHO and Centers for Disease control for not emphasizing the risk of aerosol spread of SARS-CoV-2. The major routes of COVID-19 spread, according to the U.S. Centers for DiseaseContinue reading “A new, non-argument about aerosol spread of COVID-19.”

The insight provided by five states

Yesterday, ABC news ran a story comparing Florida, Connecticut, Texas, and Ohio in their handling of COVID. While the story was balanced in how it described the state’s handling of the infection, it implied that the social distancing requirements directly led to current virus numbers. While this clearly played a part in where each stateContinue reading “The insight provided by five states”

Two Important COVID-19 articles from Science Magazine.

Tonight, I draw your attention to two important articles in this week’s Science Magazine. The first is of report of an inactivated viral vaccine for SAR-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The investigators used an inactivated virus that could no longer infect cells (or people!) and gave it to primates. The animals showed that this inactivated vaccineContinue reading “Two Important COVID-19 articles from Science Magazine.”

“Pool” testing for coronavirus infection or antibody.

One of the new concepts that came from Dr. Fauci’s testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday was the concept of “pool testing” to screen individuals for COVID-19 infection. This approach is a way to increase the number of people screened for viral infection or antibody without using additional tests. This approach can overcome shortages of testsContinue reading ““Pool” testing for coronavirus infection or antibody.”